Episode 5 - Carmen Ellis

April 08, 2021 00:21:01
Episode 5 - Carmen Ellis
Relativity: The Podcast for Women in Family Business
Episode 5 - Carmen Ellis

Show Notes


In our fifth episode, we sit down with Carmen Ellis, founder of Majestic Whale Encounters.

Carmen is the founder of Majestic Whale Encounters, an eco conscious tour company that takes guests swimming with whales and dolphins in different countries around the world. You’ll often find her swimming with the majestic humpbacks in Tonga and Tahiti or orcas in the fjords of Norway as well as many other stunning destinations. Majestic has created a ‘pay it forward’ scheme where a portion of each tour is donated towards helping communities, the animals and environments that are visited.   

Carmen believes that if you want something, you should go for it… Life is too short to be left wondering. That drive has enabled her to live her dream of sharing this life changing experience with others.  

With an endless respect for marine life, Carmen is involved in animal conservation. She is keen to share this passion with others so they may develop a deeper understanding of these beautiful, intelligent creatures. 

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In our seventh and final episode of Season 1, we sit down with Besty Urtecho Jimenez, who is part of the third generation of a family business in education.Betsy's grandparents built a school named the Kingdom of Heaven after the scripture text “Let the little children come to Me; for of such is the kingdom of Heaven.”  Since she was a child working in different roles, she has been involved within the company and has experienced management succession; the succession process exposed complex family dynamics and individual relationships.Nevertheless, she thinks the company is her family’s legacy; that was her motivation to hold two bachelors, one in education and one in business. While she wanted to be more involved in the family business, she realized it was not yet her time and decided to step outside the schools to get more experience. Since then, she has worked in international companies performing business development management roles, participated in several Startup competitions, and continued to help the family business as an advisor. Tune into an episode that shares Betsy's unique perspective and experiences of navigating her role as a third generational family member of a successful Peruvian family business, and how she is supporting her family by focusing on her passions and skillsets as an advisor.  ...



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